happy thursday everyone,

some of you may know that i am always in the market for funky fresh finds that represent girl power and self-love. well i stumbled across a new makeup line called MILK and it is my new obsession.

i recently came across this makeup line at my local sephora and the hype around this beauty brand was all the rave. i had to see what all the fuss was about? my initial thought as approaching the product was how simplified the brand is esthetically and visually. sometimes it can be very overwhelming when you start out with a new beauty line – with all the different tones and consistencies you have to choose from. nothing makes me more irritated than when i bring the wrong shade home because of all the different yet similar names.

mostly all the products come in a stick form for easy application and for multipurpose use. for example, some of their blushes can be used for eye shadows or lip tints. the thought of being able to use one product for multiple uses is such a time saving must have for a mom on-the-go like me.

the consistency of product is also an important factor. i would describe my skin as combination skin but more on the oily side. it is intimidating sometimes to glide a stick product on the skin without the fear of the product being too oily. However, i don’t find that an issue with this line. it glides on so smooth and easy, creating a very youthful look that i am sure we all want out of our makeup products. a little dust of setting powder and i feel beautiful, confident, and natural. throw it into my pursue for a little pick me up retouch later and i am ready to go from day into night! it is the absolute bomb. last time i was in sephora they were almost sold out. so don’t hesitate if you think this is a product that would work for you. i will share with you some of the colors i am currently using. happy indulging!

have a rockin day!