So, my now 13 year old daughter has a collection of dolls that she has never once played with or even touched. I have been obsessessed with the pop culture of the Japanese Blythe doll since, um….forever. Once Lila got old enough to play with dolls I thought to myself, “hey, now I can buy these and we can dress and customize them together”. So it began, every year for Christmas I would get her a Blythe doll and every year she would be bewildered at why Santa kept getting her dolls she specifically asked him NOT to get her. Their changing eye colors and their large faces creeped her out. They are a little different, but of course that is why I love them! 

Well well. Last night. Last night I won! My 13 year old daughter came to me with Blythe dolls in one hand, Pinterest in the other. “Mom, look at how amazing these dolls are!”

Wait! What? Stop the presses. My heart felt like it was going to beat out of it’s chest! I quickly grabbed my computer and googled “Blythe Doll.” Lila and I sat for hours looking at customized dolls and (after scouring my crawl space) her old collection of custom wigs and clothing I had been collecting for years….

As I crawled into bed my husband leaned over and kissed my nose. He joyously looked right in my eyes and said, “you finally get to play with your daughter and those dolls!” I smiled and closed my eyes.