Snow Place Like Home – Especially with Nora!

Brendon C.

On December 26, 2019, I met my mother at the local Paper Store location for our annual “Day After Christmas” shopping extravaganza. As I filled my cart, my eye caught the colorful nora fleming display. I had been an avid admirer for years but never started a collection. 

I pointed out a few of the holiday minis to my mom, expressed how much I loved the octagonal platter, and turned to keep shopping.

Little did I know, she placed both the platter and the snowflake mini into her cart, purchased them without me seeing, and gave them to me at lunch afterward. I was so touched that she wanted me to start my collection that very day, and since then, it has grown into over 30 minis and 10 bases! Here’s my fun Halloween themed cutie container.