Every show season I try to take some time to explore the market for some new inspiring finds. This year I came across a jewelry artist that explores every angle of artistry with her hand made, intricate pieces, all inspired by the art of  story telling. Her victorian designs take you back to an era when jewelry was a woman’s most valuable possession. I pretty much always gravitate towards really funky and colorful styles of fashion, so it wasn’t surprising to me that my eye gravitated towards this vintage inspired jewelry line called “Mama’s Little Babies” Her work is unique and graciously affordable for the amount of detail that is woven and crafted into every piece.

I invite you to check out her work before you continue reading!


How amazing is it!! I truly fell in love with how original the work is. It is definitely not a line of jewelry you typically stumble across and those are always the best kind of finds. This whimsical work is creative and inspiring on a whole other level of talent. I love the mix of different mediums, the card board and the paper, the unique movement in the hinges, and the mosaic uses of colors. Mama’s Little Babies tells a story and that is what truly made me want to blog about the art of her creativity. It’s not easy to come across jewelry like hers and it’s refreshing to see an old world become new again. I hope you can all can go online and explore all of the different pieces and see for yourself how truly unique and inspiring it is. If you can be a good storyteller in your work, then organically your passion will pour out to others. That is the true art of success!