It’s the time of year when we tell ourselves it’s time to cut the bad habits, accomplish that goal, and lose that extra five pounds. It is truly self-fulfilling feeling to tell ourselves 2017 is going to be the year to start fresh again! However, we all know how this story ends. What lovely ideas those were but lets face it! We all end up with that extra coffee at noon,  starting a list of ten new different goals, and settling for the new diet fad then a trip to the gym.

What’s the right approach into the new year. I definitely don’t have the answer but a little advice could be a start. Simplifying your life is key. It is a motto I have always lived by **if you haven’t already seen the keepsake boxes** and it is truly a refreshing approach into any new year.

If you’re trying to kick a bad habit, self control is the way. Easier said then done, right?! You have to find where the habit falls into your routine and remove it from your daily pattern. It’s the first step to gaining back the confidence in yourself to say “I don’t need this!”. I have always had a hard time cutting coffee. It’s the aroma that abruptly wakes me up in the morning and gets me out of bed. When a latte is made specifically to my liking, it feels as if I have treated myself to a gourmet delicacy. Give me one minute of enjoying every sip and then I find my stomach turning upside down. I am left with half a cup of coffee and an irritable stomach. The next day I do the same thing all over again because it is just a part of my morning routine. I eventually told myself it is time to break the bad habit, I found a way to manipulate the routine with something satisfying enough to meet my early morning needs and be less harsh on my stomach. Ever heard of London fog or black tea latte? They became my new morning delicacy and just gave me the right amount of aroma, caffeine, and specialty item that I wanted out of my morning. I have never turned back to coffee since! When you’re really trying to eliminate something that is a part of your everyday, I ask you to explore your options. You would be surprised the different options that are out there for you.


Just for fun I have attached one of my favorite tea latte recipes below. Enjoy!

Easy Homemade London Fog [Recipe]