march is approaching and some much needed vitamin D is in the works. we all need a little piece of paradise this time of year and i am about to share with you, try to keep it a secret between you and i, my all time favorite place on this earth for relaxation…

islamorada is in the florida keys, also known as “the village of islands” and it’s population is just shy of 6,500. the family oriented and secluded beaches are just one of the many reasons as to why i am drawn to this place. the the turquoise clear water, the salty breeze in your hair, and the freshest seafood I’ve ever had – islamorada is my spring break choice getaway to share with you.

here are some of my top 5 reasons why you should experience islamorada for yourself.

1.) the SUNshine! 

indulge in the sun (with your sunscreen of course!) but enjoy the almost perfect everyday weather in islamorada. when you are vacationing, you are searching for the place that will supply you with a cold beverage and a nice sun tan. this tropical sunshine will always have you coming back for more!

2.) paddle boarding

when i need some “me” time, i love to have coffee right before the sun rises and everyone is still asleep. i also love to go out on my paddle board when the water is flat and calm. the water is like glass in the early morning and the fish are so vibrantly moving beneath you. a little exercise never hurt either!  having this little time to myself in the morning is relaxing and so necessary. we all need some therapeutic time in our days to just focus in on yourself and what brings you joy and happiness. paddle boarding definitely does this for me.

3.) snorkeling

the most magical thing you could experience in islamorada is the snorkeling. islamorada has some of the most colorful fish and wildlife and it is all right in your back yard. if you have a boat you can really get out deep and explore all varieties of fish and colorful reefs. if your not brave enough to venture out on your own, they have some great guided snorkel tours!

4.) the food 

i am foodie. i love everything food. from a burger to escargot you will find my fingers all over it. but when i am in islamorada my favorite foods are conch fritters and clam chowder. if you want a local tiki bar where everyone gets together over corona’s and margaritas, the tiki bar at holiday isle is the place to be. the atmosphere is perfection for family and friends and the conch fritters are amazing. my family and i love to chow down at this tiki bar after a day on the boat and enjoy watching everyone pulling up on their boats. but if you are in hunt for some clam chowder, i would recommend lorelei’s. this cabana restaurant is very lively in the evening and the sea food is so fresh and delicious! you can enjoy a really casual sit down dinner and some live music. did i mention the sunsets are breathtaking!

5.) the family time 

out of all my favorite family things to do, my all time favorite thing is my family time. this is a place where no technology is allowed, unless you are taking a sunset picture – then it is allowed! when you have teenagers with sporting events, endless amounts of homework, and weekends with their friends, it is hard to get any personal time in. i love the silliness and laughter family trips can give us. islamorada is where the memories are made and i love this place for that!

if your looking for a place to take the family. from little ones  – to teenagers who would rather not be hanging out with their “super hip mom”, islamorada is my little secret for you. it is a fresh start to summer and place to make some amazing memories with your family. let me know where some of you love to make your spring break memories!


nora xx