ohhh! what are these little things and how do they work?

  fun! if i want to see them in person, where can i go locally?

  well, i want to take good care of my nora fleming collection. what’s the best way to do that?

  hooray! i’m ready to start collecting and want to hear all the latest and greatest news! how do i make sure i’m in the know?

  help! i don’t know how long to bake my signed piece to set the signature!

  no fair! how did she get a signed piece (and a butterfly mini)?

  hey! how do i keep track of my collection and see what my friends and family have?

  oh no! the mini/item i want is not available on your website any more. what should i do?

  okayyyy, where is a list of retired minis and bases?

  whoops! my mini doesn’t seem to fit in the base piece. how can i make it fit?

  uh oh! i already have this mini/i ordered the wrong item. how do i handle a return?